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The Special


Spoil yourself (or someone else) with one of our weekday specials to enjoy at our newly refreshed Spa.

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Part recovery center, part new-age ashram, The Standard reimagines the modern spa experience. There’s a Turkish-style hammam, aroma steam room, hemlock sauna, ice room, roman waterfall hot tub, arctic plunge, treatment baths, and an infinity pool. Melt away with treatments from nails and skincare to massage and acupuncture. Bottom line, if you have to go home, you’ll be feeling better, calmer, more grounded...the ideal cure for this topsy-turvy world. Check out some of our spa specials, available Monday-Thursday, plus a new wellness program.

The Weekday Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used to provide a healing and cleansing of the body. When used on specific areas such as meridian points, chakras and areas of chronic stress, hot stones directly relax muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than massage alone.
90 min. $275 (regularly $300)

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures
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Keep It Sensual and Satisfying. Begin in the Hamam for some warm-up time. Then, receive a 90 or 120 minute Standard Massage followed by a complete lathering with a Turkish Hamam Rub and Scrub.
120 min. $318 (regularly $360)

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

Weekday K.I.S.S.

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Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

This healthy aging facial repairs the skin on a cellular level using the most advanced tissue-regulated technology available. Microcurrent is a non-invasive tissue controlled system that uses gentle currents to duplicate your own body’s energy to assist and repair cellular imbalances. It improves the skin’s texture and tone by scanning for cells that are not functioning at their peak and stimulates them toward optimal function. Skin re-hydrates, fine lines soften, muscles firm and lift, dark circles lighten and puffiness is reduced almost instantly. A special focus on a specific area is part of every facial.
75 min. $240 (regularly $270)

Weekday Repairer Energy

Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

You know who you are…you always ask them to “just rub my feet a little longer.” This is the pedicure for you. You get the same quality pedicure you expect from the Standard with that extra attention you crave.
75 min. $80 (regularly $96)

The Weekday Fetish Pedicure

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Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

At times we could all use a little boost…and sometimes a big one. This power bundle includes three key elements that work in synergy to reduce anxiety, support restful sleep and perk up your energy levels and immune response. Package includes focused acupuncture point, a B12 shot and an herbal tonic specifically chosen for its immune-boosting prowess. The tonic is yours to take home and continue with self-care after the treatment.

Triple Booast

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Standard Spa, Treatments,  Combination Cures

3-Month Wellness Reboot Program
With Kilu Horecki, RH (AHG), Clinical Herbalist & Nutritional Coach

This science-based approach is designed to create a customized nutrition plan just for you based on your goals, challenges and personal test results. In the process, you will learn more about your own body’s needs and sensitivities. The program is done remotely with three months of ongoing support to help you succeed in your wellness goals. The idea is to provide the participant with the following:
fully-personalized botanical remedy that will address their chronic concerns
 - identify (via testing) what foods they ingest on a regular basis are not serving them and eliminate them  
 - identify (via provided Continuous Glucose Monitor and sensitivity testing) what foods they ingest on a regular basis are not serving them and eliminate them  
- identify (via testing) toxic agents (heavy metals) that they currently might be exposing themselves to and identify and eliminate potential sources of these agents (cookware, food, makeup, etc.)
- teach them how to properly nourish themselves, so even after the program is over they will continue to benefit from that knowledge

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